Rules & Policies

Rules & Policies

User Agreement

The user protocol is legally binding with Party A and Party B respectively referring to and its users. Once signed by both parties, the agreement immediately goes into effect. Please make sure to carefully go though all contents of the service protocol, and you're welcomed to make inquiries toward when there is any questions. In fact, whether you've intently read the whole agreement, as long as you hit the “register” button under the whole protocol statement and finish the whole registration process to become a registered user, it is deemed as that you've agreed to the protocol and signed it already.

Detailed rules and regulations

Acknowledgement and acceptance of all provisions owns all services provided by it and the operational rights that go along with the services.

Users are expected to

1. prepare by themselves all necessary equipments, including personal computer and mobile phones

2. afford by themselves telephone and network expenses involved in surfing the Internet

Users' commitments

Users' commitments Users are required to promise that they would never upload or spread illegal contents as mentioned below through

To be against the basic principles of the Constitution;

To jeopardize national security, leak state secrets, engage in subversion activities and undermine the state unity;

To sabotage state honors and interests;

To incite ethnic hatred and discrimination against each other and undermine the foundation of national unity;

Destroy the country's religious policy, promote cults and feudal superstition, To be against the national religious policies and advocate for cults and feudal superstition;

To spread rumors, disturb social orders and undermine social stability;

To spread pornographic, gambling involved, violent, murder and terror contents or to instigate criminal acts;

To insult or slander others, infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of others;

To commit other acts that are banned by national laws or administrative regulations.

Users' enterprise information

After you've registered to become users, you are required to abide by the following rules:

While registering, you're supposed to provide authentic, accurate, immediate, and complete information, including but not limited to your name, title, e-mail address, contact address and phones.

You're supposed to maintain and update registration information in time to keep it authentic, accurate, immediate and complete.

Registering enterprises need to provide business license, and the electronic and print edition of qualification certificates for import and export enterprises.

Registering enterprises are required to have been established for over one year, possess autonomous right to import and export, and would agree to accept on-spot examination and verification of registration information.


All businesses could register with for free from December 1, 2016. And service contract would be signed with registered businesses for them to enjoy other related free services.


In an effort to safeguard interests of buyers, prevent fake deals, and raise the threshold of online shop registration, all businesses are required to pay a deposit, and our goal is to build up a foreign trade platform of integrity, free of fake goods and deals.

Deposit: RMB 10000

or 2000 US dollars

If customers decide to stop using the platform due to services reasons or because they decide the platform fails to bring expected sales results, our company promise to refund the deposit in 6 months.

Terms for usage

While using, you're are required to abide by national laws and regulations, concerning protocols, regulations, rules, procedures and common practices of All users must not engage in any kind of illegal activities.

You're asked to independently take full responsibilities for the authenticity , accuracy, immediacy, completeness and legitimacy of your releases through (contents including but not limited to personal and business information, types of information including but not limited to words, pictures and videos).

All notifications of would be sent to you by e-mail (If you changed your e-mail address and the change has been examined and verified by our website, the new e-mail address would be regarded as valid. After notification e-mails enter your e-mail acceptance system, it is regarded that you have been notified by us. is entitled to send users various business information related to its services provided by the website (including but not limited to e-mails and text messages). If you refuse to receive aforementioned business information, you are required to notify us in writing.

Messages as mentioned below are not allowed to be released through

Derogatory words about religion, race, or sex; pornographic, insulting, or slanderous contents, etc; patent infringement of any third party copyright, trademark, business secret, information privacy, reputation or other rights; any other rules and regulations in violation of state laws and regulations. would endeavor to examine and verify information submitted by our members and delete inappropriate contents in accordance with related laws and regulations and operational rules of the website. However, we could not fully guarantee that all releases of our members are authentic, accurate and legitimate.

For those company, products or other information you've chosen to upload onto the cyber space where the information could be accessed by the public (including but not limited to words, pictures and videos), it is autonomously deemed that the Beijing Coowor Network Technology Co., Ltd are entitled to use, copy, modify, edit, publish, translate, spread and present the aforementioned message, or based on which compose derivative works and put on performance, or edit it into other forms of works, media productions or technologies currently known or to be put under development in the future. And the authorization is regarded as permanent, irrevocable, and non-exclusive-a complete licensing and sub-licensing right for free. Meanwhile, users need to agree that Beijing Coowor Network Technology Co., Ltd would not be liable to any legal responsibilities that may come along with the information as long as material contents of the releases are not changed.

Account number safety

Users could gain access to services through registration with the website directly or directly logging in with the account number of a cooperative website with After registration, users would be assigned an account number and a password. And with one name, only one account number could be gained. enjoy ownership of all the account numbers. After registration, users are endowed with the right to use account numbers only for business purposes related to business or services.

Users are required to manage their user names and passwords well. Account numbers could be donated, lent, rent, transferred or sold to others. If your password being known by outsiders is a fault of your own, you need to take all responsibilities as well.

If your account number has been illegally logged in by others or any other kind of security problem emerge, the user should immediately contact After receiving the user's request to take actions to halt usage of the account number, would require the user to provide valid personal information, related certifications and materials that are in accordance with the registration information. After verifying all submitted materials, would take actions in time to halt usage of the account number. While if the user failed to submit certification materials as requested, is entitled to turn down on the user's aforementioned request.

Users should log out every time when they finished using services. would not take any responsibilities for damages caused by losing password or account numbers being illegally used by others due to hacker attacks and users' own malpractices.

Limited responsibilities would not guarantee no interruption, no operational faults, or make any kind of promise concerning usage effects. Coowor would not be liable to the disconnections or unable-to-access problems between users and servers if the problems are caused by personal or impersonal factors. Users themselves would take responsibilities for all the damages that may be caused by sudden disconnection, operational or transmission delay, computer virus, network connection faults, unauthorized entry or things like that.

If delays or fails to perform obligations of the protocol due to the act of God (including but not limited to natural disasters, strikes or unrest, riots, act of war, government acts, Internet-borne problems such as hacker attacks, Internet disconnection, system failure, telecommunications technical adjustments, temporary shutdown because of government regulations, and all the other causes that affect a website's operation), the website don't need to take any responsibilities. However, is supposed to notify users and take necessary measures in time after the act of God, and make efforts to decrease the damages that may cause to its users. would try its utmost to decrease faults, although the services and information released through the website may still contain faulty entries. In this case, would not be held liable to the damages that may cause to users. would not make promises on services or information it provide. Under no circumstances, would be liable to any direct, indirect, occasional, special, punitive damages that may cause to users due to usage of the website, even if users would be beforehand notified the potential damages. If you're not satisfied with part of or the whole of services, you're entitled to stop using the website.

If users violated the protocol, any particular stipulation of the protocol, any national laws and regulations or any third party rights while using the website, and thus incur any kind of compensation claims, requests, lawsuits and damages (material, special and resulting) whether known or unknown, the users would agree to compensate for the damages and expenses including reasonable amount of counsel fee that may cause Beijing Coowor Network Technology Co., Ltd.,, Coowor employees, owners, and deputies, or keep them from being affected from the very beginning. could not guarantee that all released information is authentic, immediate, safe and accurate, and users need to take all risks that may emerge during the process of usage. hopes that all users could be discreet in their practices and use common sense in making decisions.

In view of different laws, regulations and policies in different countries, and in order to abide by national laws of all countries, contents may differ somewhat when visited in different countries. When visited by users of other countries, would not take any responsibilities for screening information and contents that would be against local laws, regulations and policies.

Benefits safeguard mechanism

Users agree to safeguard and protect interests of all members, pay for the counsel expenses, transportation fee, compensations caused by users' violations of services clauses and recourses fees for users' computers, cell phones, account numbers, or other intellectual property rights being used without authorization by others, and all other expenses that may arise in legal disputes caused by users' malpractices or violations of the protocol.

Suspension and Termination

If any of the following situations occur , is entitled to suspend or terminate related services to the related users or refuse their requests to use the website anymore and in any way, and would not bear any responsibilities for halting our services and reserve our right to pursue legal responsibilities:

When information in user's business license or other certifications does not coincide with its personal data, and registration has failed to be updated in time, or when practical operational information contradicts with licensing information, and the certification information has also failed to be updated in time.

To release repeated information or information that's prohibited or restricted by the national laws and regulations. Or to release some messages that is not related to publisher' business scopes or services.

To send large volumes of information that has no bearings on services to other users unsolicitedly and without authorization.

To assume identities of other businesses for publicizing business information or committing business activities.

To plan to sabotage or attack computer system and integrity of the website, try to enter computer system without any authorizations.

To use or provide any computer viruses, camouflage programs, computer worms, timing-bomb programs or other destructive programs that could sabotage, interrupt, intercept or invade and occupy any systems, data, or personal information.

To steal others' login name and/or password at

To sell account number or authorize others to use the website without gaining approval from

To deceive or swindle others through or try to engage the website in any kind of network defraud.

To commit copyright infringement activities through or involving

To commit other activities that are in violations of national laws and regulations, related protocols, regulations, rules, procedures and common practices.

Users should settle disputes that may happen while fulfilling deals by themselves. In cases when both parties could not reach consensus, they could contact customer services for the website to step in. The party or parties who file the complaint would be called complainant, and the other party or parties called the accused. may decide to stay away from the case or deal with the case and make judgements based on related materials submitted by both parties in dispute. If any party fail to submit materials in time or have submitted materials that are too weak to support its proposals, or alter, forge, falsify evidence submitted, is entitled to make a judgement that's not in favor of the party.

If the accused party is found of committing the following behaviors, would be allowed to extend punishments like deducting its deposit money and shutting down its account number:

Do not deliver goods after already receiving money, fake to have delivered the goods, do not deal with situations when goods are rejected, refuse to sell after deal has been made, do not make the payment when consignment has arrived.

To be accused of delivering goods of quality problems or to be suspected of delivering counterfeit articles.

To be accused of delivering goods that are not in accordance with contract specifications.

To be accused of delivering goods that are not the kinds or the brands that have been agreed on by both parties, or to be accused of not being able to provide brand authorization or proof of self-owned brand names.

While using the website platform, users are supposed to follow usage rules. If any of the following occasions occur, the system may deduct user's deposit money and close down the account number when needed:

No one log in in one month after registration.

No decorations in two weeks after online shop has already been openned.

Do not respond to inquiries from buyers in one month.

Often send garbage inquiries and been dragged into blacklist by many businesses.

Disputes and complaints

Users are supposed to report in time any facts that may sabotage rights of themselves and, and provide related proving materials while using the website. If the complaints were proved not to be real and thus cause damage to the website and any third parties, the reporting user would be kept legally liable. is empowered to handle the disputes, arguments and complaints that may occur between you and other users during usage of the website. And we should be permitted to reach to you though e-mail for inquires and notify the other parties about the learned situation. You're obliged to provide related materials within the specified time after receiving our request notice, and then cooperate with us in handling the disputes and complaints. Otherwise, has the right to judge based on only one side's words if the complaint against you filed by other users and ensuing compensation claims are reasonable and we may then come up with verdicts not in favor of you.

If finally decides the compensation claims to be sound, you're supposed to make the payment in compensation in time. Meanwhile, has the right to immediately suspend or terminate its service or to turn down on your request to use the website and provide your identity information to those who claim to be compensated. also would not be liable to any responsibilities if our services provided to you are thus affected.

For that is not any national judicial organs, users should fully understand and concede: that capabilities of in discerning proofs and handling disputes are limited. We're just authorized to handle and try to resolve disputes and could not guarantee that the results would meet all your expectations. would not bear any kind of responsibilities in such kind of case-handling and is also entitled to decide if it would or would not handle the disputes and complaints.

If a user is confirmed by effective legal documents to have violated the national laws or the protocol, or if finds out that a user is committing illegal actions or offendding against the protocol, the website has the right to disclose its illegal activities and deal with it accordingly, which includes but not limited to terminating services and permanently prohibiting the offender to use ever again.


本协议双方为酷沃网与酷沃网用户,本协议具有合同效力。您确认本协议后,本协议即在您和酷沃网之间产生法律效力。请您务必在注册之前认真阅读全部服务协议内容,如有任何疑问,可向酷沃网咨询。 无论您事实上是否在注册之前认真阅读了本服务协议,只要您点击协议正本下方的"注册"按钮并按照酷沃网注册程序成功注册为用户,您的行为仍然表示您同意并签署了本协议。





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保证金金额:人民币 10000元(壹万元整)

美金 2000USD(两仟元整)